Animal Images

An ever-growing collection of animal pictures. All of these pictures have been rescued from old books that have since gone out of copyright in the United States. Each of these animal images are free to use however you wish in the U.S.

Information on the original source of each free downloadable image is included for people in other countries to verify the copyright status of the book, magazine, or other periodical the images originally appeared in.

Camel Drawings

Free camel drawings from the 18th and 19th centuries. All are in the public domain and ready to be downloaded and added to your own projects.

Cat Drawings & Illustrations

vintage white sitting cat drawing
Cat lovers are bound to find a vintage cat drawing that they will fall in love with here. They are copyright free for downloading. Great for crafters.

Cow Images

sweet young bull drawing
How now brown cow. How serenely you graze. Brown cows. Black cows. White cows. Big ones, little ones and everything in between.

Deer Images

Beautiful deer drawings from the finest artists and illustrators in the world. The world 70+ years ago, anyway, as they are all in the public domain.

Dog Drawings

vintage Newfoundland dog drawing
Public domain dog images for scrapbooking, mixed media art and all other creative endeavors.

Donkeys & Mules

They may not be horses but these smaller members of the equine family often have as much or more personality than their larger cousins.

Elephant Images

Elephants on parade, elephants standing on their head. Big, colorful elephants and small black and white ones. Free to download. All public domain.

Fish Drawings

drawing of a gammarus pulex
One fish, two fish, old fish, new fish - a whole school of them rescued just for you. Great for crafters to use on their own creative works.

Fox Drawings

Trio of foxes black and white drawing
Collection of vintage fox drawings from books that have gone out of copyright.

Free Lion Drawings

Public domain and copyright free lion drawings from vintage books, magazines and other printed materials.

Free Monkey Images

Borneo Monkey Drawing
We do not have a barrel full, but we do have a growing collection of monkey images for downloading.

Frog & Toad Pictures

green toad drawing
Animal images that feature frogs and toads from vintage publications.

Giraffe Drawings

A growing group of public domain giraffe images.

Goat Images

Vintage drawing of a pair of goats.
Public domain animal images featuring all sorts of goats.


vintage drawing of a pet pony
A collection of drawings, painting and illustrations of horses.

Images with a Variety of Animals

Free vintage images with more than one kind of animal.

Kangaroo Pictures

Native to Australia and New Zealand, kangaroos are on display in this vintage animal images category.

Lizard Drawings

South American Gecko
Like lizards? Hopefully, you will like one of our vintage animal drawings of them too.

Mice & Rat Drawings

vintage field vole drawing
Vintage drawings of some of the smallest mammals - mice and rats.

Mixed Animal Images

Hunter's Hartebeest
Mixed animal drawings from around the world that are now in the public domain.

Pig Images

A growing collection of animal images featuring pigs.

Rabbit Images

Chubby Bunnies Repeating Pattern from a Vintage Book Cover
Dozens and dozens of free rabbit images from the collection of vintage animal images from Reusable Art.

Sheep Images

A collection of vintage, public domain sheep and lamb images.

Snake Drawings

short-tailed python drawing
Snakes alive! We have free snake drawings here for your creative endeavors.

Vintage Images of Turtles

There is just something fascinating about turtles and how they carry their homes on their backs. We have drawings of them in all shapes and sizes.

Zebra Images

Zebra images and drawings from several centuries. All are in the public domain and free to download.