Free Lion Drawings

I’ve always been fascinated by cats. From the smallest kitten to the most fierce lion, I think they are some of the most beautiful creatures on Earth.

This section of Reusable Art celebrates all things lion. Our growing collection of lion drawings includes a little bit of everything. There’s a prancing cartoon lion wearing a bow tie. Several lion face drawings. And several lion paintings from some of the world’s most famous artists.

Whether you are looking for a simple little drawing or something worthy of being framed and hung on your wall, hopefully, there’s a lion drawing here to meet your needs.

Some of our lion drawings are in color and some are some are wood prints done in black and white. But, whatever color or style, these public domain and free lion drawings are sure to please even those of you who call yourselves dog people.

Lion & Lioness Drawing

A stunning lion and lioness drawing by Wilhelm Kuhnert that appeared in at least three Natural History works from the 1890s.

Pair of Lions

Public domain drawing of a pair of lions from the French artist Rosa Bonheur. Another great animal drawing shared with you from

Lion Face Drawing

Oh how wild, yet somehow human this king of the beasts appears. With a flowing main and a chin full of white whiskers, this lion face drawing is pure drama.

stunning lion head portrait

Stunning Lion Head Drawing

As you gaze into the eyes of this stunning lion head drawing, it’s as if he is looking deep into your own. Captivating graphite drawing by Rosa Bonheur.

Lion Watercolor

Stately lion color from a vintage book. The drawing was done by Harrison Weir but I suspect the coloring was done by another, unnamed artist.

Visiting Lion

A lion makes a last minute adjustment on his attire.