Transportation Images

There are so many different ways for us to get around. This collection of copyright free images of a variety of modes of transportation include sailing ships and even horses and buggies. No automobiles here but just about everything else is covered.

Bike Illustrations

Two-wheeled transportation at its finest - bicycles! Loved mine as a kid and you\'ll be sure to love these great vintage drawings too.

Bridge Images

Bridge images from around the world. From the Brooklyn Bridge to a little stone bridge over a country lane.

Horse & Buggy Images

Before the combustion engine, people relied upon themselves or horses to get around. We\'ve shared a wide variety of vintage illustrations of horse-drawn conveyances.

Images of Sailing Ships

From a teeny rowboat illustration to stunning drawings of multi-masted sailing ships of an earlier era, Reusable Art is your place for free vintage images of sailing ships.

Images of Sleighs

Horse-drawn sleighs were once the primary mode of winter transportation. Today they are more associated with Christmas, Santa and the romance of the Victorian era.

Train Images

vintage locomotive drawing
Public domain train images from the earliest steam engines, to charming cartoon trains to more modern versions of the early 1900s.