A collection of copyright free images of people that you can use for your website and arts and crafts projects. All images can be used without paying royalties, licensing, or other fees.

Clip Art Style Vintage People Drawings

A small collection of drawing of people that are more stylized and clip-art like.

Drawings of Men

Illustrations and drawings of men of all ages from many of the worlds most talented artists.

Drawings of Women

The images in this section celebrate the beauty of women throughout time.

Images of Children

two little girls feeding chickens
Lots of chubby cheeks, cheeky smiles and fun on display on hundreds of vintage drawings of children.

Portraits of Famous People

A collection of vintage portraits of famous and not so famous historical figures.

Romantic Graphics

Romance isn\'t just about Cupid. It\'s about the way we look at each other and the little things we do. These images capture those special moments.