Food Images

A growing collection of public domain and copyright free images of food. From images of fruit to platters of cooked food, there’s a huge variety of public domain food images you can use here. Find just what you are looking for to complete your latest scrapbook page, mixed media artwork, collage or other crafting project.

What better companion to a group of food images than a group of kitchen images. Use images from both to create even more interesting artwork.

Images of Fruit

vintage engraving of grapes on the vine
A collection of copyright free images of fruit for crafters.

Images of Herbs

public domain, vintage dandelion drawing - full life cycle
There are only a handful of images in this group but hopefully one of them will meet your needs. Drawings of herbs, jars of herbs and a mustard plant.

Mixed Food Images

Baked goods, eggs, nuts and grains are some of the food images you will find in this section of Reusable Art.

Vegetable Images

pink plume celery drawing
A virtual cornucopia of colorful vegetable images. Many of them are vintage book plates and botanical prints. Pretty stuff you should not miss.