Flower Images

A growing collection of flower drawings and photos that are copyright free and in the public domain. Use these vintage flower pictures anywhere you might need a touch of old-fashioned goodness. Great for scrapbookers, mixed media artists, and other creative projects.

Many of our downloadable flower images are simple black and white flower line drawings would be great to use for children’s crafts like coloring books, stickers, and greeting cards. They’re just waiting for someone to give them a bunch of color.

Looking for herb images? Be sure to check out our copyright free herb illustrations.

Fruit images with flowers where the fruit is the primary focal point can be found in the Images of Fruit category.

Black and White Flowers

Public domain 5-petal flowers drawing.
Flower images in black and white or grayscale.

Bouquet Drawings

Vintage mixed flowers engraving - public domain and easy to download.
Vintage floral bouquet drawings from old books, magazines and catalogs.

Daisy Images

black and white daisies, a public domain engraving from 1867
Daisies are such pretty flowers and the ones in this group of vintage images are no exception.

Lily of the Valley

Vintage drawings of lily of the valley for you to enjoy.

Morning Glories

Full page morning glory plate from 1837.
Vintage morning glory flower drawings.

Narcissus & Daffodil Drawings

narcissus flowers
A growing collection of public domain narcissus and daffodil drawings.

Orchid Images

orchid plant drawing
Beautiful orchid images for you to incorporate into your own creative projects.

Pictures of Roses

pink roses
If only we could smell the wonderful scents of all of these beautiful roses.

Pink Flowers

crape myrtle botanical print
Pink flowers of mixed types for you to enjoy.

Simple Flower Images

Vintage simple flower drawings. Everything from simple little doodle-like flowers to botanical prints that don\'t fit other categories. All are done in color.


sunflower drawing
Pictures of sunflowers in both color and black and white.

Tulip Images

speckled tulip watercolor on white background
Variety of vintage full-color and black and white tulip flower illustrations.