Lily of the Valley

Nothing says spring like a colony of lily of the valley plants in full bloom. With stalks of small white flowers stretching just a few inches above ground, they just seem to say happy days are coming. And their scent, while light, is fresh and beautiful as well.

Illustrators during the Golden Age of Illustration must have loved these charming white flowers too as they are fairly well-represented in children’s books. And, there are a number of natural history and botany books which included hand-painted lily of the valley drawings too.

The flowers bloom in May and are often associated with

Convallaria Majalis

Convallaria Majalis; lily of the valley; dainty white flowers, with a heavenly scent, bright red berries. Hand-painted 1700s full-page book plate of the entire plant’s life cycle.

Lily of the Valley 1

A simple, yet pretty drawing of lily of the valley. This public domain floral image and its companion piece can add a bit of color to your projects.