Music Images

A collection of music images including instrument drawings and musicians. All of the musical images in this collection are in the public domain which means you could make your own music with them to add just the right note to your next creative project.

Boehm Cylinder Flute Drawing

Boehm Cylinder Flute

The Boehm Cylinder Flute drawing we are sharing with you represents a revolutionary design change in the musical instrument.

Bassoon Drawing

I love the sound of the bassoon. And hopefully, you’ll love the public domain bassoon drawing I have to share with you. Wonderfully vintage and PD too!

Basset Horn Drawing

Great vintage instrument illustration. Basset horn drawing from 1910. Public domain just about everywhere too. Two different views showing all of the keys.

Violin Drawing

Vintage, black and white violin drawing from an 1887 advertisement.

Little Flute Player

Charming Ida Waugh drawing of a little flute player from an 1892 children’s book.

Tuba Drawing

Early tuba drawing from 1844. The tuba had only been invented several years before and it is no wonder this tuba looks so different from the ones used today.

Charming Minuet

Two sisters dance a charming minuet to the accompaniment of their sister on the piano. They have an audience of dollies to applaud their efforts.

The Dance

Vintage drawing of a couple dancing.