Boehm Cylinder Flute

When most of us hear the word flute, we think of an instrument that looks much like the Boehm Cylinder flute we have here. Until finding this vintage musical instrument drawing, I knew very little about the history of flutes.

Apparently Theobald Boehm revolutionized the instrument in 1847. Boehm had been making flutes for 37 years. It was after a performance in 1831, that he began engineering what amounted to an entirely new instrument. The Boehm Cylinder Flute drawing from a 1911 encyclopedia was an 1832 model included in an 1847 pamphlet. You can  learn more about 19th century Boehm flutes from someone who has built an entire website about Old Flutes.

Boehm Cylinder Flute Drawing

If you like this Boehm Flute, be sure to check out the largest version of the file before saving it. You can do that by clicking on the above flute drawing.

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