Borders, Vignettes & Page Spacers

Often used as chapter headings and tails, these vintage images go by a number of names – vignettes, borders and page spacers.

Our growing collection of vignettes, borders and page spacers can easily be used for their original purpose or to add a bit of interest to a mixed media art project, collage, scrapbook page or stationary.

The images contained in this category are copyright free in most of the world and can be downloaded freely.

Angels & Cherubs

vintage sketch of man with fruit
Borders and vignettes that feature angels and cherubs.

Animal Borders & Vignettes

Vintage page spacers and vignettes that feature animals from real-life and mythology.

Bird Borders

Borders, vignettes and page spacer designs which feature birds of all kinds.

Block Print Borders & Vignettes

Bold designs featuring dark backgrounds. Any of them would make a great substitution for rubber stamps.

Borders As Frames

Lovely page-sized flourish frame with 2 text areas.
Frame your photos, drawings or text with these vintage frame images from Reusable Art.

Delicate Vignettes

Page spacer drawings done with a delicate hand and fine lines.

Flower Borders & Vignettes

floral heart bouquet
Chapter headings, page spacers and ornaments that feature flowers. All public domain. All free to download.

Leafy Borders

Decorate your mixed media, collage, webpage or scrapbook projects with images featuring leaves.

Medallion Drawings

Lots of concentric circle drawings, round designs and other circular images for your own creative endeavors.

Repeating Patterns

Design elements with a definite repeat that can easily be made longer or shorter as needed for your creative endeavors.

Text Borders

Vintage Fruit Heading with room for text
Vintage, frames and designs for creating your own signs and chapter headings.

Vintage Borders & Vignettes

vintage door knocker drawing
A variety of border, vignette and page spacer images from around the world. All are in the public domain.