Other Resources

Sometimes finding that perfect image can be a real challenge. The good thing is that there are tons of great websites like Reusable Art that offer free graphics and clip art.

Reusable Art has been honored to be listed on a number of other sites as a valuable source of public domain images. As a way of thanking them and helping you to find the exact right image for your projects, I have included them here.

{Do keep in mind that not all “vintage image” sites are sharing materials that are truly in the public domain. The sites listed here have made it clear whether or not the sites they are linking to offer public domain or only vintage images.}

Art & Art Education Websites

The Incredible Art Department – A wonderful educational website that focuses on providing art educators a place to share information, resources and even vent a bit in their pet peeves section.

University of Pennsylvania Libraries offers a series of guides on using images found online including a webpage full of public domain image resources for students and scholars.

Where to Find Free Graphics & Printables for Your Art Journals – Chelle Stein runs this wonderful site dedicated to Art Journalists. She has shared a few of the places she uses for public domain images.