Special Image Categories

There are so many different ways to sort and categorize all of the images I have shared with you here on Reusable Art. This page is where you will find a number of special image categories that have been designed to help make it easier to find things.

This is a very new feature of Reusable Art and as you can see, it is somewhat limited right now; even the special image categories shown here may not include all of the vintage images on Reusable Art that would fit in those categories. I hope to fill this page with links to special image categories for popular artists, image themes and other topics that my site’s visitors might be looking for.

The newest additions here are the historical groupings by century. Most of the vintage images on Reusable Art are from the 20th and 21st centuries. I thought you might be interested in looking at groupings of the most vintage images here that are 200-500 years old. I get excited working with images this old and I could not imagine actually photographing or scanning the pages of them.

Please bear with me while I work on growing this section of Reusable Art. Check back often as things will probably look different the next time you visit.

Please note that illustrator names are listed under the first letter of their first names; last name comma first does not work with the software I am using.

Image Categories