It seems somewhat hard to believe that a single book could survive for over 300 years. Think of all the things that have happened during that time. Yet, I’m able to share with you here on Reusable Art a number of drawings and art that date all the way back to the 1700s.

What you will find in this Special Image Category are a selection of 1700s art. All of the vintage images featured here date back to a time before there were cars, electricity, railroads, or even the safety pin. Americans wouldn’t declare their independence until the latter half of the 18th century and many American homes were a single room with a single chair.

It’s amazing that we have so much that remains from this century. If you are looking for examples of truly vintage illustrations, do check out these fine examples of 1700s art.

Convallaria Majalis

Convallaria Majalis; lily of the valley; dainty white flowers, with a heavenly scent, bright red berries. Hand-painted 1700s full-page book plate of the entire plant’s life cycle.

vintage spotted porcupinefish drawing

Spotted Porcupinefish Drawing

Vintage spotted porcupinefish drawing from a 1700s natural history series. It’s no wonder that Borowski included him among his sweet and strange animals.

Little Dragonfish

Little Dragonfish Drawing

The little dragonfish or short dragonfish grows to a little less than 4 inches. They are also known as dragon sea moths. These fish are found in the tropical waters of the Indian Ocean, parts of the Pacific Ocean, the Red Sea and Indonesia. Doesn’t this little dragonfish drawing look like a creature from someone’s […]

Yellow Flowers

Lovely, vintage and public domain yellow flowers drawing and watercolor painting. Sweet yellow flowers, leaves and even a cute little frog here to enjoy.

Oriental Frog Drawing

Oriental Frog

Vintage Oriental frog drawing from 1765. Charming green and brown frog image for your enjoyment and perhaps he’ll become part of your next project.

Fig Plant Drawing

18th century botanical print of a fig plant drawing showing how the plant grows and produces fruit. In full-color and ready to free downloading.

Pineapple Plant

Thoroughly vintage pineapple plant drawing from 1750. As pineapples became a favorite food in Europe they became a symbol of wealth as only the wealthy could afford to import then or grow their own.

Cedar Tree Drawing

Cedar trees are among my favorites. They’re so green and the branches draped with needles. This cedar tree drawing dates all the way back to 1750.

Plumeria Study

Vintage botanical print and plumeria study. Pretty pink and yellow flowers surrounded by shiny, green leaves. Full life-cycle shown for this tropical plant.

Magnolia Print

Free magnolia print ready for downloading to be used in your own artistic creations. Big white flowers and a seed pod with scarlet seeds.

Orange Lilies

Beautiful botanical print from an 1750 book on plants. Orange lilies in full bloom and are quite striking with yellow, orange and black-spotted flowers.

Papaya Botanical Print

Lovely, full-color papaya botanical print from the 18th century by German artist Georg Dionys Ehret (1708-1770).