Asian Art

There’s just something about Asian Art that fascinates me. Ink lines supported by watercolors in a way that is so distinctly Oriental in nature. Whether it’s from Japan, China, Korea or elsewhere in the world, the style is unmistakable.

This special image category shares a number of fine examples of Asian Art that can be found amongst the many subject categories here on Reusable Art.

Yellow Flowers

Lovely, vintage and public domain yellow flowers drawing and watercolor painting. Sweet yellow flowers, leaves and even a cute little frog here to enjoy.

Oriental Frog Drawing

Oriental Frog

Vintage Oriental frog drawing from 1765. Charming green and brown frog image for your enjoyment and perhaps he’ll become part of your next project.

Pheasant in Bamboo

Fine example of vintage Asian art by the Japanese artist Tsunenobu KanĂ´ (1636-1713). It includes a pheasant in bamboo done simply in pen and ink.

Japanese Landscape Painting

Lovely Japanese landscape painting from the 1700s. It was painted on silk and included in a small book on Japanese silk painting.

Japanese Orange Flowers

Lovely silk painting from the 1700s. Japanese orange flowers includes two big and beautiful peony flowers and some leaves. The colors are bold and striking.

Japanese Bird Design

Vintage Japanese bird design from 1860. It is in shades of blue and features a pair of cranes in a circular frame with stripes along the bottom of the image.

Japanese Rabbit Watercolor

Public domain Japanese rabbit watercolor. Done with a large, soft brush and black ink by Walter Crane it offers a charming image to use in your own work.