Kate Greenaway

Kate Greenaway (1846-1901) was one of the most influential children’s book illustrators of her Era. She was born in England and along with Walter Crane and Randolph Caldecott was one of the most prolific and loved illustrators of the time. She was know for drawing children, often too young to wear trousers, and some of her drawings were turned into children’s clothing by Liberty of London.

While far from a complete collection of works by Kate Greenaway, this special image category showcases those that we have found and shared with you here on Reusable Art.

pot of tulips

Pot of Tulips

A sweet pot of tulips drawing by children’s artist, Kate Greenaway. Peach flowers in a green and yellow urn-like pot.

Cherubs with Flowers

Sweet Valentine’s Day image of cherubs with flowers by Kate Greenaway. Two winged cuties are delivering a cornucopia full of colorful flowers to someone; could it be you?

Lady with Hat

Lady with hat – a vintage book illustration of a lady in a green dress adding flowers and a bow to her green hat.

School’s Out

Charming drawing of children leaving school for the day.

Little Daffodil

Drawing of a little white daffodil on a stem with a trio of leaves.

Yellow Tulip

Drawing of yellow tulip flower, bud and leaves.

Gossip at the Well

Gossip at the well. A charming drawing of three young children by Kate Greenaway (1846-1901) from a vintage children’s book.