Jessie Wilcox Smith

Jessie Wilcox Smith (1863 – 1935) was an American illustrator. Her work appeared in over 60 books, 250 periodicals, 200 magazine covers, calendars and on posters. She was one of the most prominent female illustrators during the Golden Age of American illustration. Smith was a popular artist who was paid well for her work. In 1910, she earned $12,000 which would equate to around $304,757 today.

Her work appeared on every printed cover of Good Housekeeping published from December 1917 until April 1933. That made her the artist with the longest run of illustrated magazine covers. During that time, she created 184 illustrations for the magazine. She also provided a number of illustrations for Kodak and Ivory Soap.

Letter D

Fancy letter D with a small child and their ball.

Letter U

Letter U drawing featuring a child sitting on a stool.

Letter A

A young child rests agains a large letter A.

Letter I

Dancing around a letter I pole.

Letter I

A little girl stands in front of a letter I.

Letter J

J is for journey and this little girl is about to start one.

Letter M

What a great use for the Letter M!

Letter T

T is for twins; fancy letter T drawing.