Borders As Frames

A collection of borders that would make great frames. With a little editing or as they appear now, all of the vintage borders in this collection would make great frames for other images and pictures, a poem, or other bit of text.

Lovely page-sized flourish frame with 2 text areas.

Flourish Page Frame

Vintage book cover and flourish page frame. Green canvas background with light green scrollwork with leaves.

Very Vintage Page Frame

Very vintage page frame image from 1579. It is a nice repeating pattern that has leaves, flowers and doodle-like elements.

Assyrian Daisy Frame

From a stone carving, this Assyrian daisy design framed a carpet design. The original carving is not identified but this frame image dates back to 1886.

Book Plate Frame

Page-sized book plate frame. A reproduction of a 16th century work, republished in the 1800s. Clearly in the public domain repeating floral pattern.

Bottom Border

Vintage border and frame for the bottom of a picture.