Very Vintage Page Frame

page-frameThe date on the file says this came from a book published in 1579. I would be afraid to even touch a book that old, much less scan it. Thankfully, for us, the person who did scan it made the entire book available online. Inside was this treasure of a full-sized page frame image. You have to figure back in 1579, that this design was carved from wood and printed or drawn by hand for each book produced. Phew, glad we don’t have to work that hard to publish something anymore but oh what a treasure things that were produced that way are.

This page frame features a clear repeating pattern which means you could make it bigger or smaller if you so wished. Either way, have fun and enjoy. Oh, BTW, it came from a book all about raising bees.

This image is copyright free and in the public domain anywhere that extends copyrights 70 years after death or at least 120 years after publication when the original illustrator is unknown.