Text Borders

This group of vintage borders and frames surround a bit of text that could be easily edited to include the message of your choice. We’ve left the original text on some of them to show off the potential of these copyright free images as well as to preserve the quality of the images.

These editable and downloadable images offer so much potential for scrapbookers, mixed media artists, website designers and other creatives.

Vintage Fruit Heading with room for text

Vintage Fruit Heading Graphic

Vintage fruit heading graphic with lots of room for your own text. Large, black and white drawing. Looks great as is or ready to add your own color.

Floral Title

Art nouveau floral title frame from 1911. Was part of the title page from a 1911 book on Hungarian folklore.

Dove Banner

Vintage dove banner with room for a short text message. With a slight militaristic style, this line drawing would offersa lot of interest for your project.

Message Angel

Vintage drawing of message angel. The banner has a bit of room for your own message. It’s riding a garland of flowers. Great holiday or sentimental image.

Framed Heading

Vintage framed heading image that was once used as a magazine masthead. Its delicate lines would make a pretty frame for words or another image.

Vintage Red Frame

Bold and dramatic vintage red frame image with room in the center for the text message of your choice. Free to download and use on your on crafty projects.