Vintage Borders & Vignettes

This section of Reusable Art is where I share those border, vignette and page spacer images that just don’t currently fit in another category. You’ll find a huge variety of things here – there’s even a queen.

Many of the images you’ll find here were used to decorate book pages. Sometimes they were related to the subject and replaced more detailed drawings. Other times, they added a bit of visual interest to a page full of plain text.

While many of them are black and white engravings, these page spacers, borders and vignettes, look much like rubber stamps. Placed on top of a watercolor background and many of them are reborn. They are often the perfect addition to mixed media art.

From time to time, I re-categorize the images here on Reusable Art to keep things from getting too hard to find. As this is a category of essentially uncategorized illustrations, it’s likely the order and placement of images here might change.

Please keep in mind that as we find more borders and vignettes to add to our collection that the vintage, copyright free images you find in this category today may be later moved to another, more specific category.

vintage door knocker drawing

Vintage Door Knocker Drawing

What would a book all about Colonial doorways and how the well-to-do visited with each other be if it didn’t include a drawing of a door knocker? This drawing was used as a vignette indicating when the preface of the book began. But, I’m thinking it would look so much better with your family’s name […]

Playing Card Frame

Great vintage image for card game lovers. This rectangular border and playing card frame features each of the suits connected by a dainty, decorative line.

Greek Anthemions

Greek anthemions or palmettes. This design element was used by both the Egyptians and the Ancient Greeks. We have a large design including 3 anthemions.

Queen Motif

Vintage engraving from 1614 featuring a queen, cherubs and a bit of Latin. It doesn’t get much more vintage than this 400 year old, queen motif drawing.

Seashell Vignette

Vintage seashell vignette with a history that dates back to at least 1871. IT is in the public domain and can be used to adorn your own creative works.

Globe Vignette

Vintage black and white vignette with a globe and book.