Narcissus & Daffodil Drawings

It isn’t spring until the flowers start blooming. And, there’s nothing like the bright white and yellow narcissus and daffodils. They’re two distinctive flowers with a cup-like center and a number of petals radiating from the bottom of the cup. They look so much alike that a lot of people call all of them daffodils.

Ironically, most of the narcissus and daffodil drawings I’ve found so far are devoid of color. But, that just provides more opportunity to turn them into something new. Some of the images will cover a sheet of paper and others are somewhat small and might only be useful as part of a larger work.

No matter how you use them, the narcissus and daffodil drawings here are in the public domain and free for you to use in your own artistic endeavors.


narcissus flowers

Narcissus Flowers

Public domain narcissus flowers drawing from an old encyclopedia. Black and white and just waiting for you to reuse it in your project.

Little Daffodil

Drawing of a little white daffodil on a stem with a trio of leaves.


Black and white vintage line drawing or a spray of daffodils.