Black and White Flowers

A growing collection of black and white flower images. These vintage flower illustrations are not colorized and could be used as they appear now or colorized via an image editing program or by hand.

I think these are some of the most useful flower drawings for scrapbooking and mixed media art. Images of black and white flowers can be used exactly like they’ve been found or turned into any color found in the rainbow. Great for coloring book elements too!

These flower black and white images are perhaps more versatile than their colored counterparts and could easily be used to create embroidery designs, rubber stamps or stationary.

Public domain 5-petal flowers drawing.

5-Petal Flowers

Pretty 5-petal flowers engraving from 1867. Public domain drawing of petunia-like flowers that are free to use in your own projects.

dramatic flower drawing

Dramatic Flower Drawing

Black and white dramatic flower drawing from an 1867 French book. A single flower and bud surrounded by leaves.

blooming flower

Blooming Flower

A pretty, but unidentified blooming flower drawing from an 1867 French work about flowers.

large pansies drawing

Large Pansies

Lovely black and white large pansies drawing from 1867. A wonderful public domain flower image for you to colorize and make your own.

foxglove drawing

Foxglove Drawing

Black and white foxglove drawing showing a stem of this stunning flower.

flower head drawing

Flower Head Drawing

Pretty for its simplicity this public domain flower head drawing would make a great addition to a collage or other artistic project.

flax flowers

Flax Flowers

Public domain black and white flax flowers drawing. A simple drawing of the flowers and the plant.

Astilbe Drawing

Vintage astilbe drawing with a pair of flower stalks and a number of leaves. Black and white, public domain engraving, suitable for printing and coloring.

Bluebell Flowers Drawing

Looking for a great coloring image to add to a collage or other art? This bluebell flowers drawing is all vintage and just waiting for you to add your magic touch.

Anemone Flowers

Lovely anemone flowers drawing from 1859. The black and white flowers and leaves, shaped a bit like a floral swag are just waiting for you to colorize them.

Imperial Dahlia Drawing

Great vintage image for a coloring page, an imperial dahlia drawing from 1867. Big beautiful flower with leaves and buds. Public domain and free to download.