Sunflowers are among my favorite flowers. There’s just something happy and strong about them. Bright yellow flowers, often on stalks higher than my head, sunflowers just say sunshine.

If you are looking for sunflower images that are in the public domain, you’ve come to the right place. All of the drawings of sunflowers in this section of Reusable Art have been drawn by some of the finest artists and illustrators in the world. Ida Waugh and Kate Greenaway are just two of the many illustrators from the Golden Age of Illustration who are represented by their sunflower drawings.

sunflower drawing

Sunflower Drawing

Vintage sunflower drawing from 1888 with a slight editorial assist by ReusableArt. Beautiful large yellow flower on a green leafy stem.

Gothic Sunflower

Gothic sunflower drawing from a design found in Cambridge, England. It was included in a book about symbols in embroidery.

Sunflower Drawing

Clip-art style sunflower drawing from the much-loved children’s book illustrator Kate Greenaway (1846-1901).

Tall Sunflowers

Wonderful floral clip art of tall sunflowers. Unlike modern clip art, the artist is clearly identified and the copyright is definitely expired.