Simple Flower Images

This growing collection of free copyright free images of flowers consists of those flower images that do not really fit in any of the other existing categories.

Don’t let the name fool you, these are not truly simple flower drawings. I’m calling them simple flower drawings simply because they may not be an identifiable flower species. Many of the flower images here are quite complex and beautiful. This category features colored flower drawings. Be sure to check out our black and white flower drawings if you don’t see what you need here.

Please keep in mind that as our collection of flower images grows, some of the simple flower drawings in this group may have been moved to more specific categories of flowers.

Petraea Stapelia Drawing

Pretty purple and blue flowers can be found on this copyright free petraea stapelia drawing from an 1878 book about the flowers of India.

firecracker plant illustration

Firecracker Plant Drawing

Love the bright red flowers in this public domain firecracker plant drawing from 1878. The flowers resemble firecrackers and grow on reed-like stems.

vintage plumbago auriculata illustration

Plumbago Capensis Illustration

Wonderful vintage book plate with a plumbago capensis illustration. Lovely blue flowers make this plant a favorite around the world.

Yellow Flowers

Lovely, vintage and public domain yellow flowers drawing and watercolor painting. Sweet yellow flowers, leaves and even a cute little frog here to enjoy.

Christmas Poinsettia

Beautiful and vibrant Christmas poinsettia botanical drawing from 1836. Hand-colored from a vintage botanical magazine.

Christmas Chrysanthemums

A beautiful botanical print of Christmas chrysanthemums by the American artist Sidney Thomas Callowhill (1867-1939). 3 stunning white flowers and leaves.

Mussaenda Macrophylla

Beautiful, vintage hand-colored book plate with a mussaenda macrophylla flower. Pretty Asian plant with white and green leaves with bright orange flowers.

Orange Lilies

Beautiful botanical print from an 1750 book on plants. Orange lilies in full bloom and are quite striking with yellow, orange and black-spotted flowers.

Small Red Poppy

This small red poppy drawing actually dates all the way back to 1492. It was included in an illuminated manuscript. Pretty red, orange and black petals with leaves.

Japanese Orange Flowers

Lovely silk painting from the 1700s. Japanese orange flowers includes two big and beautiful peony flowers and some leaves. The colors are bold and striking.

Hyacinth Flower

Hyacinth flower drawing that was included in a book published almost 250 years ago. The bluish-purple flowers and green leaves remind me of spring.