Firecracker Plant Drawing

You won’t find any exploding fireworks here but you will find a vintage botanical print and firecracker plant drawing. We’ve grown this showy plant in our garden a few times but they’re never truly established themselves. The Russelia Juncea variety, shown below, is one of two varieties from India. It’s a wonderfully light and delicate, yet explosively showy, plant for gardens that don’t get unduly cold during the winter. In colder climates, it can be brought indoors to be overwintered as a houseplant.

Hummingbirds and butterflies love the nectar. It can bloom year-round in the right climate too.

Bright red flowers, resembling firecrackers grow in great profusion on rush-like stems. The flowers grow to half an inch to an inch long. It doesn’t have leaves. It has reed-like stems upon which the flowers grow.

This is yet another of the wonderful, full-color illustrations from the 1878 work Familiar Indian Flowers by Lena Lowis. The firecracker plant drawing is quite large – too big to show here. But, you can simply click on the drawing to freely access the full-sized version.

firecracker plant illustration

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