Copyright Free Vintage Butterfly Drawings

I’ve always seen butterflies as a bit of flying art. So many colors and designs can be found among the world of Papilionoidea¬†and Hedyloidea – butterflies and moths. Virtually every color of the rainbow is represented on the wings of these delicate creatures.

Like so many of the illustrations on Reusable Art, the copyright free vintage butterfly drawings I’m sharing do tend to be primarily black and white. But, that just makes it easier for mixed media artists and colorists to add their own creative touch to them.

When the butterfly drawings are identified, I’ll share with you some information on the species. I’ve included both moths and butterflies here. Perhaps, in time, I’ll split them more, but for I’ve put them all together.

Pair of butterflies, a black and white engraving from 1867.

Pair of Butterflies

Pair of butterflies on a spray of flowers from 1867. In the public domain and free to download without signing in or a membership.

Atlas Moth Illustration

The moth is huge in the real world and so is this vintage atlas moth illustration by Jean Charles Chenu. Pretty oranges, browns and even a bit of pink.

charax butterfly drawing

Brown Butterfly – Charaxes jasius

I love these vintage entomology drawings. This brown butterfly drawing features the Charaxes jasius. Front and back of the wings included in illustration.

attacus atlas butterfly drawing

Atlas Moth Drawing

It’s one of the largest moths in the world. Lovely black and white atlas moth drawing in the public domain – perfect for adding your own creative touches.

Butterflies and Flowers Mosaic

Vintage and in the public domain – an illustration of a butterfly and flower mosaic in shades of green, lavender, peach and salmon.

Azure Blue Butterfly Drawing

Vintage, black and white azure blue butterfly drawing from 1848. Could be colorized to make a dramatic statement with these beautiful British butterflies.

Death’s Head Hawkmoth Drawing

This public domain death’s head hawkmoth drawing dates back to 1831 when it was included in a children’s storybook. It is a large drawing of a large moth.