Azure Blue Butterfly Drawing

azure blue butterfly drawingThere are times when I think black and white photos and drawings can more clearly depict the loveliness of something. Unfortunately, when it comes to this azure blue butterfly drawing, I suspect the absence of the natural blue coloring of the insects fails to convey the true beauty of these flying works of art.

The males of this species tend to be light blue, slightly tinged with lilac. The females, are generally lighter in color with a more defined outline of their wings and spots along the edge of the secondary pair as shown in this azure blue butterfly drawing from 1848. The fringe, or outer edge, of these butterflies is white. I did find a natural history of British butterflies but as luck would have it the plate for this species is also in black and white.

The caterpillars can often be found on Buckthorn and holly. The butterflies can be found twice a year – May and late July, early August.

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