Images of Herbs

A growing collection of free, downloadable images of herbs. These images came from a wide variety of books and periodicals and would make a perfect addition to any creative work that deals with cooking, gardening, or herbs.

There’s only a few here right now but hopefully the selection of herb drawings will only continue to grow as Reusable Art grows.

public domain, vintage dandelion drawing - full life cycle

Dandelion Drawing

Vintage life-cycle botanical drawing of an herb most gardeners hate. Maybe this black and white dandelion drawing will entice you to enjoy its simple beauty.

Jars of Herbs

Wonderful vintage black and white drawing of jars of herbs sitting on a wooden shelf. It is from a seed catalog from 1891.

Dandelion Plant Drawing

So aligned, yet so pretty. This dandelion plant drawing is over 130 years old. A simple black and white drawing with plenty of detail and ready for coloring.