Tulip Images

New for 2019, the tulip images collection shares both some great new drawings and paintings of tulips along with a few old favorites.

Tulips are brightly colored perennial bulbs that often herald the arrival of spring. Some believe tulips were first cultivated in Asia but it is The Netherlands that has been associated with tulips since the seventeenth century.

Many paintings from the Dutch Golden Age featured tulips. Images of tulips, as a category, is fairly new to Reusable Art, but, there’s already several wonderful examples of these pretty flowers. There’s examples from the wonderful children’s artist Kate Greenaway. Several botanical illustrations and simple black and white drawings are also available.

speckled tulip watercolor on white background

Tulip Watercolor

What an awesome find! A sketchbook from around 1870 full of wonderful little sketches and watercolors like this tulip watercolor. The artist is sadly unknown, but, their work lives on via the magic that is the Internet. I’ve included the original piece with two tulips and a narcissus as well as the multicolored and speckled […]

pot of tulips

Pot of Tulips

A sweet pot of tulips drawing by children’s artist, Kate Greenaway. Peach flowers in a green and yellow urn-like pot.

vintage tulip engraving

Tulip Engraving

Tulip engraving used as a decorative element on a page of a nursery catalog from 1893. Single flower and leaves. Great coloring image or page element.

vintage tulip drawing

Tulip Drawing

Sweet black and white flower drawing from an 1893 seed catalog. Tulip drawing and engraving large enough to colorize and make your own.

Orange Lily Drawing

Vintage drawing with two names – orange mariposa tulip and mariposa lily. Either way, this lovely orange lily drawing is a nice floral element for crafts.

Tulip Garden

Vintage drawing of a round tulip garden with pink and red tulips.