Train Images

I love trains. From the clackity clack of the wheels rolling over the tracks to the whistle announcing their passing, there is just something awesome in the raw power and grace of trains. In this section of Reusable Art, I’ve shared my growing collection of free vintage train images. From the earliest steam engines, to charming cartoon trains for children to some of the more modern versions of the early 1900s; we’ve got you covered for public domain train images.

vintage locomotive drawing

Vintage Locomotive Drawing

Vintage locomotive drawing and advertising image from 1853. Clearly an engraving, this public domain train image would be great as a rubber stamp image.

Elevated Train Drawing

Wonderful elevated train drawing depicting life and the new transportation system in New York.

Train at Night

Vintage illustration of a train taveling through a valley at night.

Hitching a Ride

Fun image of a stage coach hitching a ride on a steam train.