Images of Sleighs

There’s just something magical about a sleigh being pulled through the snow by a beautiful horse. For many, it was the only mode of transportation once the winter weather carpeted the ground with snow. For most of us, they are now a bit of nostalgia that can be enjoyed now and again at special events or through wonderful, vintage images of sleighs like these.

Add a set of melodic sleigh bells and it’s almost as if you can hear Santa and his reindeer coming. I think many of us have now come to associate horse-drawn sleighs, Christmas and wintery landscapes covered in snow

The sleigh images here on Reusable Art represent a variety of advertisers or came from children’s books. Either way, I’m sure there’s something here that will work for you own creative endeavors.

Sleigh Drawing

Vintage sleigh drawing of the kind pulled through the snow by a team of horses. It dates back to 1891 and came from a carriage company product catalog.