Sleigh Drawing

It’s been over 5 years (sorry about that), since I’ve shared a sleigh drawing with you. There’s something so romantic about a horse-drawn sleigh with bells jangling and being under a blanket with someone special. While this drawing only includes the sleigh itself, my imagination can’t help but see far more.

I so love the old product catalogs, particularly the ones with great images like this sleigh drawing. Consider back in the late 1800s, there wasn’t that many places to shop for things. People relied upon catalogs and Well’s Fargo wagons to bring things to them.

This sleigh was labeled as a Bailey Sleigh. My research found many references to sleigh beds with that name but not sleighs on runners designed for traveling across snow-covered roads. It was described as a “standard sleigh of unquestionable merit, strong, light and durable.” It was offered for sale by the Richmond Carriage Co in Worcester, Mass. in 1891.

bailey sleigh drawing

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