Low Tide at Granville Harbor

This colorful, vintage illustration is from a 1905 that features the paintings of Nico Jungman (1842-1935). The entire work celebrates the beauty of the Normandy France region and is full of wonderful landscapes like the one we’re discussing here.

Although it is a nice landscape, I’ve posted it under transportation images since sailboats and the low tide are the primary focus. Apparently the water in the harbor almost completely disappears during low tide. That must have made utilizing the waterway a study in planning and scheduling. Ships with cargos had to get in and out quickly or risk being left floundering in the mud.

The series of Jungman works from this book all have a bit of a colored postcard feel with a finely detailed focal point and less-detailed images in the background. They are generally serene images of a pretty countryside that are often colored in lovely shades of green.

low tide at Granville Harbor

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