Horse & Buggy Images

I admit that I’m spoiled in that taking care of my chariot means keeping the gas tank full and taking it to the car dealership for regular maintenance. But, not all that many years ago, people relied upon their own power or that of a horse to get where they wanted to go.

Riding through town in an open-air carriage pulled by a team of horses just somehow seems romantic now. Yet, back when these illustrations were drawn, horse-power meant actual horses.

From large carriages carrying the wealthy to buckboards used by farmers to even a horse-drawn fire engine, I’ve found images of all of them to share with you.

So, if you’re looking for horse drawn carriage images or images of horses pulling conveyances of all types, you’ve come to the right place.

Romantic Outing

Vintage transportation image of a romantic outing as a couple ride along a country lane is a horse-drawn covered wagon. Vintage engraving from 1880.

Carriage Ride Drawing

A gentleman and two ladies are pictured in this vintage horse and carriage image.

The Departure

A couple say their goodbyes as the carriage driver waits to take the lady away.