Stunning Lion Head Drawing

This stunning lion head drawing looks to be a simple graphite pencil drawing. And yet, it makes the observer feel as if he or she is the one being observed. The proud lion with his full mane, looks at the viewer through a pair of piercing eyes that simply captivate the viewer. One almost feels as if a real lion is looking back at them.

This Vintage Drawing’s Origin

This stunning lion head drawing is from a French book by Rosa Bonheur (1822-1899) and Leon Roger-Miles (1859-1928). It decorated the title page and foretold of a book full of wonderful drawings of all sorts of wild animals. Bonheur was a French artist most well-known for her animal paintings. The book,¬†Atelier Rosa Bonheur was¬†published in 1900. It is full of lovely drawings like this one. And, thanks to the wonderful folks who scanned this vintage book, it’s fairly big.

Lion Head Drawing

Enough talk, let me just share this lovely vintage lion head drawing and you can get busy inviting him to join one of your own creative projects.

stunning lion head drawing and portrait

Simply click on the drawing to see the full-sized version.

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