Frog & Toad Pictures

A growing collection of vintage, public domain drawings of frogs and toads. All of the toad drawings and frog pictures in this group have been found in old books, magazines and other printed materials. We’ve done the research for you. All of the frog and toad pictures are accompanied by their original publication information to credit the original artist as well as to allow you to ensure the drawings are in the public domain where you live.

green toad drawing

Green Toad

Lovely black and white vintage European green toad drawing. A fine, chubby toad for you to download, color and add to your own creative projects.

Oriental Frog Drawing

Oriental Frog

Vintage Oriental frog drawing from 1765. Charming green and brown frog image for your enjoyment and perhaps he’ll become part of your next project.

Toad’s Dinner

A vintage toad drawing of a toad and an insect destined to become dinner.

Tree Frog Drawing

Charming tree frog drawing of a frog clinging to the trunk of an oak tree. It dates back to 1870 and is in the public domain.

Frog Lifecycle Drawing

Vintage frog lifecycle drawing which depicts the transformation from small egg, to tadpole to finally a fully-formed perfect frog. Great image for students.

Frog & Spider

A clever frog waits for his dinner to come to him.

Frog Gathering

A group of frogs gather together as if having a meeting.