Green Toad

The European green toad. A pretty brown and green toad found in the central part of Europe. Their spots vary from green to dark brown and even sometimes red. And like chameleons, they can change color in different temperatures and light. And, unlike many creatures, the females are larger.

Green toads can be kept as pets and require little space. They like to hide so fill their habitat with peat moss. Not sure you want to keep one of these fellows as a pet? Not to worry, just enjoy this pretty vintage drawing.

Reptiles were the primary subject of the volume where this illustration came from. Jean-Charles Chenu (1808-1879) published this volume of hisĀ Encyclopedie d’histoire naturelle in 1856. He was a well-known French physician and naturalist. Many of the animals lived in his native France; including our green friend.

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green toad drawing

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