Donkeys & Mules

A growing collection of vintage drawings and illustrations of donkeys and mules. These two animals seems to get so much less attention than their cousins the horse but in some ways they seem to have more personality. Where a horse is seen as strong and beautiful, donkeys and mules are often thought of as sweet, peaceful, ornery, mean or stubborn.

As this section of Reusable Art grows, hopefully I’ll find pictures that represent all of those qualities and personality traits.

Donkey and Foal

Sweet watercolor painting of a donkey and her foal by Frederick Tayler (1802-1889). Featured work among several in a book about watercolor painting.

Waiting Donkey

A donkey stands on a sea wall as if he is waiting for someone

The Guard Donkey

A fun and unusual black and white image of a donkey in a farmyard.