Mice & Rat Drawings

A collection of copyright free vintage images of mice.

Any of the images in this collection of mice graphics, rat images and anthromorphic images should make a great addition to your web site designs, scrap book pages, mixed media art projects and other creative endeavors.

All of the mice images in this group are in the public domain and free to download. Chosen by a crafter for crafters, these images will hopefully fulfill your creative needs.

Anthropomorphic Mice Images

Vintage drawings and illustrations of when mice do things like people do. All are in the public domain and free to download. Great for crafters.

Black & White Mice Graphics

vintage field vole drawing
Vintage drawings from books written for children and illustrated by a variety of artists. Some have little bitty mice and others tell a story.

Colored Mice Drawings

Very vintage collection of hand colored book illustrations. All are in the public domain and feature cute, furry little rodents scampering about.

Rat Drawings

You may or not love these little guys but hopefully you will enjoy these vintage illustrations. A mixture of both full-color and black and white.