Cat Drawings & Illustrations

This ever-growing collection of free vintage cat drawings consists of wonderful illustrations from old books, magazines, and other periodicals.

Cat lovers are bound to find some useful cat pictures for crafts among our ever-growing collection of copyright free cat images. Use them in you website, scrapbooking, or other arts and crafts projects to give your work a bit of feline charm.

Black & White Cat Illustrations

vintage white sitting cat drawing
Engravings, pen and ink drawings and illustrations simply printed in black. All of cats and all in the public domain and free for downloading.

Colored Drawings of Cats

If you love cats and old, vintage drawings; you\'ll love the pictures grouped here on Reusable Art. Some are from famous artists and others were drawn by people who have been lost to history. A lot of them are over 100 years old and are in the public domain. There\'s black and white kitties, orange tabby kitties and a whole lot of grey cats and kittens. These colored cat drawings would make a great addition to your next scrapbook, notecard, stationary, mixed media art or other creative project.

Pencil Drawn Cats

Oh how I love this group of illustrations. All are by Oliver Herford and clearly show the personality of the cat featured in each of the drawings.

Vintage Cat Cartoons

The drawings in this category feature cats doing all sorts of things that we would normally only think people do. From riding a bike to losing their mittens.