Images with a Variety of Animals

These vintage images include several different animals. Rather than duplicate them in each of the separate animal categories, I’ve included them here. You never know what you might find here – perhaps a kangaroo with a duck is just what you need. Some of the animals could easily be cropped out of the picture and used alone, others would be fairly tricky to isolate.

The one thing they all have in common is just like everything else on Reusable Art these animal images are all in the public domain.

Farm Animals Drawing

Vintage farm animals drawing with chickens, horses, geese and a calf in a field gathered under a craggy tree.


Wonderfully vintage and frame-worthy; this farmyard drawing has cows, pigs, ducks, chickens, a turkey and lots of other birds. Two milkmaids and a house too.

Quiet Stable

A cow and a pony stand quietly in their stalls as a black bird watches from above.

Farmyard Drawing

Serene drawing of a horse, cow, two pigs and chickens in a farmyard.

Animal Cover Art

Vintage book cover illustration with a collection of animals.

Busy Barnyard

Vintage children’s magazine image of a busy barnyard.

Dog & Kitten

Vintage black and white drawing of a dog carrying a kitten.