This drawing was part of a wonderful book that has truly outlived its author. The 8th edition, the one I have been working with was published in 1842. John Lawrence (1753-1839) probably never would have dreamed his book with the oh, so, very long title would become so popular.  A practical treatise on breeding, rearing, and fattening all kinds of domestic poultry, pheasants, pigeons, and rabbits : also, the management of swine, milch cows, and bees, with instructions for the private brewery on cider, perry, and British wine making included a handful of colored illustrations along with a variety of black and white ones.

As you would expect, the pages are a bit discolored and the colors are slightly faded. But, with a little editing, I hope you will like what I did with this drawing that should print large enough to be framed.

The farmyard pictured in this unattributed drawing includes every animal and bird that the author talks about in his book.

We have a cow being milked and tended by two milkmaids. We have a pair of pigs, a pair of ducks and a pair of chickens with their small brood. We have several heads of cabbage, a big turkey and a large and popular birdhouse. There’s also a number of birds walking along the top of a fence. The farmhouse sits in the back under several trees to complete the bucolic farmyard scene.

farmyard drawing

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