Kangaroo Pictures

It is interesting how depending upon what part of the world you live in colors how you see the animals we all share this great planet with. What is exotic and curious to one side of the world might be the absolute biggest headache in another. From everything I’ve read, kangaroos are one such animal.

Kangaroos have few natural enemies. As man expanded across the continents of Australia and New Zealand, they negatively impacted the resident dingo population which in turn allowed kangaroos to thrive. Problem is, when kangaroos eat grass, they also eat the roots too. Kangaroos, despite their favored status as the national symbol of Australia and it’s premier airline, gained a new enemy – man.

They are now considered endangered in the wild while still often considered a pest. But, hopefully, in short order Reusable Art will have a nice mob of kangaroo drawings for you to chose from. (Yes, a group of kangaroos are called a mob.) Hopefully, these vintage drawings of kangaroos and the more modern photographs of today won’t be the only record we have of these powerful and curious animals. Hopefully through conservation and captive breeding programs we won’t lose any of the many kangaroo species that are native to Australia and New Zealand.

All of the kangaroo pictures are downloadable, are copyright free and in the public domain.

Baby Kangaroo

A baby kangaroo peeks out of his mother’s pouch in this vintage kangaroo drawing.