Vintage Images of Turtles

When images of turtles finally arrived at Reusable Art, we sure started out with a crop of good ones. What better way to launch a category than with 5 turtle drawings by Dugald Stewart Walker?

Those original 5 turtles now have a bunch of friends. A natural history encyclopedia has numerous vintage turtle images that I’ll be sharing with you over the coming months. Some are named species, others remain a mystery to history and the vagaries of translation or species name changes.

If you’re looking for drawings of turtle skeletons, we have a few of those too; over in the science section under skeleton drawings.

All of the turtle drawings here are in the public domain and can be downloaded freely. Please use them however you wish but I’d love to see what clever things you’ve done with them. Drop me a note and I might feature your project on Art Filled Days.

European Pond Turtle Drawing

Another great vintage animal image from a natural history work. This European pond turtle drawing is from a French work from 1856.

vintage box turtle drawing

Box Turtle

Black and white vintage box turtle drawing. This nice fellow was one of Jean-Charles Chenu’s critters from his extensive Encyclopedie d’histoire naturelle.

vintage grinning tortoise drawing from

Grinning Tortoise Drawing

The author called him a chagrinned tortoise. Maybe it was his smile. He’s a black and white tortoise drawing with a sweet smile and he’s in the public domain.

Vintage Greek tortoise drawing from

Greek Tortoise

A common or Greek tortoise drawing from 1856. Such a charming fellow he is; eating some greens and showing off his pretty shell.

European pond turtle illustration

European Pond Turtle Illustration

Charming, vintage European pond turtle illustration from a French natural history encyclopedia. Nicely sized, black and white turtle drawing from 1856.

Snapping Turtle Drawing

One of the most famous natural histories comes from France. Jean-Charles Chenu shared info about turtles including this wonderful snapping turtle drawing.

Small Tortoise Drawing

Here’s a lovely vintage, small tortoise drawing from 1848. Fully in the public domain, he could add a bit of sweet turtle goodness to your next project.

Turtle Taxi

Colored drawing of a turtle playing taxi to a pair of frogs.