Snapping Turtle Drawing

Such a fierce looking turtle with his spiked tail and big claws. He looks almost pre-historic. He was featured in the early pages of the Reptiles et Poissons volume of Jean-Charles Chene’s huge work¬†Encyclopedie d’histoire¬†Naturelle.

It the translation programs are getting this one right, (the original text was in French), this is a snapping turtle drawing. I am only finding mentions of the plate name, Emysaure serpentine in older French works or on other natural history prints from this era. This work was published in 1856. Sadly, that could mean this particular turtle is no longer with us. Or, it could simply mean it has a new name. Let’s hope for the latter.

Anyway, although only an engraving that hasn’t been colorized, this snapping turtle drawing features a lot of great detail in the shell, his skin and even his eyes. Hope you can give him a new home.

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