Hunter’s Hartebeest

The Hunter’s Hartebeest is an antelope from northeast Kenya and southwestern Somalia. Unfortunately, according to the folks at Clemson they are critically endangered and may become the first mammalian genus lost on mainland Africa in modern human history. There are none living in captivity and only 300-500 animals in the wild.

This drawing, from the Proceedings of the Scientific Meetings of the Zoological Society of London for the year 1889, may be the first time people in Europe saw one of these beautiful animals. It was discovered only the year before by H.C.V. Hunter. According to the plate, the drawing includes two males, one standing and one laying on a patch of short, green grass.

They have graceful segmented horns and rich reddish-brown fur with white on their bellies and the underside of their tails. White fur lines their ears, encircles their eyes and a curved line, seemingly drawn by an artist rather than nature, connecting their eyes.

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Hunter's Hartebeest

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