Vintage Coyote Drawing

Vintage coyote drawing from 1867. The prairie wolf, or coyote, inhabits the prairies of Mexico and the United States. The authors of American Agriculturist volume 26, called the coyote the “Jackel of the Eastern world.” They mentioned its appearance and habits are quite similar to that of jackels.

These animals are of a medium size, between the red fox and common wolf. His long muzzle more resembles the fox but his body and tail are more similar to wolves.

People who live near coyotes sometimes call them a “barking wolf” due to their sharp, snapping bark. They live and breed in burrows and have 8-10 cubs at a time.

The accompanying article warns buffalo and other hunters that the coyote is “as expert as the New York pickpockets” and will appropriate the “most precious morsels” of meat.

This is a wonderfully huge engraving and I’m only able to share a smaller version of it here. You can access the larger vintage coyote drawing by simply clicking on the one shown below.

vintage coyote drawing

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