Dog Drawings

A growing collection of free copyright free dog images. Whether you a looking for images of dogs for scrapbooking, dog pictures for websites or any other creative endeavors where dogs are featured, Reusable Art hopes we have what you are looking for. Be sure to check back as we will continually add more free dog and puppy images as we find them.

Black & White Dog Drawings

Back when most of the vintage illustrations on Reusable Art were published, the engravings and prints were often only printed using black ink.

Colored Dog Images

Mixture of hand-colorized and full-color printed drawings of canines. Many of them look more like paintings than book illustrations from the 18 and early 1900s.

Dog Breeds Images

vintage Newfoundland dog drawing
Mix of colored and black and white dog drawings where we know the breed of animal. These vintage illustrations are all in the public domain.