Colored Dog Images

A growing collection of free dog images in full-color. These colored dog images are all copyright free and in the public domain.

Use them freely in your creative projects where ever you wish to include a picture of a friendly canine.

Golden Dog Image

Vintage book cover illustration with a golden dog image on a green background.

Dogs Drawing

Vintage drawing of a trio of dogs – a newfoundland, an English terrier and a Scotch Terrier.

Dogs Drawing

Charming vintage drawing of six different dog breeds.

The Meeting Place

A group of different dog breeds are represented in this vintage dog drawing.

Different Lives of Dogs

A scruffy dog out in the snow looks through a doorway at a pampered pet dog laying on a bed in front of a warm stove.

All Dressed Up

A sad little pooch sits quietly after being dressed up.

Shaggy Dog

A large black and white shaggy dog looks ready to play.