Fish Drawings

From black and white fish drawings to botanical prints of fish in full-color, there’s hopefully something here to end your search for the perfect, vintage fish illustration.

With a few fish cartoons thrown in for fun, the fish images on Reusable Art will hopefully spur your creativity and make your own projects as fish-tasticĀ as your imagination envisioned.

We have a few full-color fish botanical prints from Marcus Elieser Bloch who was one of the most important ichthyologists in the 18th Century. There’s some charming fish sketches from children’s books. And, there’s even a few black and white fish drawings from a well-known encyclopedia that’s considered in the public domain around the world.

Lot’s of beautiful fish and no net required. And, if you’re looking for some friends for your new fish, be sure to check out ourĀ nautical and sealife drawings.

drawing of a gammarus pulex

Gammarus Pulex

This little guy might look familiar to Americans but he’s actually a small crustacean found in Europe and not a crawfish or lobster.

vintage spotted porcupinefish drawing

Spotted Porcupinefish Drawing

Vintage spotted porcupinefish drawing from a 1700s natural history series. It’s no wonder that Borowski included him among his sweet and strange animals.

vintage mirror carp drawing

Mirror Carp

Stunning black and white fish illustration from 1841. A mirror carp drawing from a book all about fish.

Kentucky Fish

A vintage black and white fish drawing from Kentucky. This large Kentucky fish drawing was part of the logo for the Fish Commission of Kentucky.

Fancy Goldfish

Fancy goldfish drawing that dates back to 1873. It has two lovely fantail goldfish. It’s black and white but I bet an orange wash would really make it pop.

Long Green Fish Drawing

Somehow this long green fish drawing from 1822 is both fierce and charming. It may be of a gar but it is most definitely in the public domain.

Fish Pond

Vintage, Japanese style drawing of a fish pond with several koi fish and a trio of smaller fish. The black and white drawing is available for free download.

Gadus Luscus

Vintage colored botanical print of a gadus luscus fish from 1801.